29 July 2011

Good couple of weeks, including a few extended sessions. Also a couple with regulars who have been travelling. It was good to catch up 🙂

Firstly though, a session with a gentleman new to me but not the dungeon. An older gentleman who was somewhat nervous about seeing another Mistress. He had taken care to email me beforehand about his session. He was sorry he did 😉

We had a good rapport as soon as we met, most of what he is into I also enjoy. He is also a cheeky slave which I have fun with. As the session progressed it became a running joke between us that he had bitten off more than he could chew asking someone he didnt know for ‘heavy’ play. Whilst I chided him for being such a wuss, he complained I looked so nice in my photos. I burst out laughing as he exclaimed “they lied!”.

We started off with some discipline, a nice slow build up from spanking to the cane. Whilst slave wasnt able to take what I might have enjoyed giving, he was most pleased with the resultant welts across his backside afterwards. Turning slave over I respositioned him on his back, securing him to the bench with pallet wrap.

He had mentioned he liked needles, and enjoyed heavy nipple torture. Taking 25g needles I put one through each nipple. Slave amused me no end asking were they 19g. And he said he wanted heavy nipple torture? Slave apologised for his unusual sensitivity that day, perhaps it was the cold. Regardless I didnt stop there placing more needles through his nipples to you know, toughen them up a tad.

After tormenting his nipples in various ways, I rewarded slave for his endurance… and sense of humour with some more erotic teasing. His cock received somewhat more light treatment at my hand before I turned my attention to his arse. Slave received a good fucking to finish off our time together. Slave thoroughly enjoyed his first time with me, and I in turn look forward to the next opportunity to put him through his paces.

Saw a new client for a fun session, an erotic fisting with lots of tease thrown in. He was also into golden showers which I dont get to do much of these days. I am sure I shall be doing more in the future 😉

Was nice to catch up with someone I saw the first time a month or so ago. I really enjoyed the first session and was much looking forward to this one. It didnt disappoint. I started off binding his cock and balls very tightly. Then I placed my latex hood over his head, zipping it securely. The only holes are for the nostrils and the mouth has an inflatable cock gag, which of course was pumped.

Positioning slave on the bench I began securing him with pallet wrap and straps. Again he received some needles through his nipples, but I was kind this time and refrained from boiling water. I did however make good use of an incense stick and other ‘things’ 😉

I turned my attention to his cock and balls. More specifically the electro 🙂 This slave certainly takes it and is a wriggler which is amusing to watch. He is so responsive. Being a thoughtful Mistress I removed his hood, replacing it first with the blindfold then I ordered slave to open his mouth while I delivered a golden shower he readily gulped down. All that moaning must be thirsty work.

Finishing off I turned my attention to his arse, starting slowly then relaxing him enough to work my fist inside, before allowing a rather spaced slave the final release. Chuckling as slave lay spent I allowed him time to get himself together before sending him off for a refreshing shower.

A regular I dont see as often as I would like came in to see me, his session mostly being used for my pleasure – whatever that may be. And I do tend to vary what I want to do depending on the day, and my mood, and whether he has annoyed me or pleased me. He arrived very thoughtfully bringing a bottle of wine as a belated birthday present. Ok, so I couldnt be annoyed…. it was after all my day off 🙂

This time though slave got a sound spanking nonetheless, more than he usually gets but he has a nice arse and I was having fun. Turning him over on the bench and securing him once more with pallet wrap and straps I proceeded to torment him with some electro around his rather nice cock. His nipples clamped I straddled his face, smothering him between my legs and with my fingers over his nostrils. Tugging on the clamps as I felt him writhing beneath me, enjoying the feel of all that wriggling. Taking my time, toying with him until I had my fill of amusement.

Removing the electro I played with his cock, watching him straining against his restraints keeping him on the edge until I was ready for him to cum. And explode he did, surprising even me 😉 What can I say, what better way to spend a Sunday 😛

I got to use the doggy bench this month also for the first time, one of my regulars requesting it. Unfortunately I didnt get pictures. It works a treat though, access to the nipples, cock, balls, arse, and comfortable enough to stay in for the slave. This gentleman is into heavy discipline/caning, nipple torture, CBT, electro, and anal so the doggy bench was perfect 😉

Another regular dropped by on his way home from the airport, someone I have been seeing for a while so I always have fun with him. An older gentleman into anal play, mostly large toys and fisting with lots of dirty talk thrown in.

After a few cancellations, we finally got together for some fun, A regular from up north who visits when in Sydney. Commitments allowing. He is loads of fun, a lovely gentleman and stays for a few hours. He is very into the electro so I put him through his paces on that as well as the anal play. He also loves as many golden showers as he can get in that time, and I enjoy drenching him all over. I make sure I drink plenty of water beforehand.

I had a surprise call and visit from a young man I saw only once before when I first started professionally, some five years ago now. He was the first gentleman I ever double fisted. At the time I was sceptical he could take it, but he certainly proved me wrong. And turned out to be a lot of fun to play also.

He has turned into a very handsome young man and it was great to catch up. We also managed to have an awesome session, as it turned out he was into a lot more these days than fisting. I bound his cock and balls tightly and started off with some teasing to get him into a nice headspace, it had been a while since he played and we were aiming for another double 🙂

Getting him comfortable in the sling, I added some rope to the clamps on his nipples increasing the tension against his squirming. Unfortunately he had previous piercings removed. His nipples were nonetheless still very sensitive. I turned my attention to his arse. Starting slowly with my hand, then various dildo’s to relax his arse and open him up it wasnt long before one of my fists was swallowed.

Giving his arse a break, I teased him a bit then decided his nipples needed more adornment. Leaving the clamps in place, I pierced each nipple with needles, a few 25g and then a final 19 through each. Grinning as he writhed against each, knowing the endorphin hit that would follow. Taking the Hitachi, I tormented his nipples more before moving back to his arse. Gently nudging the Hitachi against his opening until it slid deep inside. Laughing at his reaction, eyes widened at the intensity. I told slave I thought he would enjoy that.

Removing the vibrator, I replaced it with my fist. And began to work my other fist inside, feeling the opening stretching with the gentle pressure. Easing back now and then to give slave a respite, again it didnt take too much before my second fist popped inside him also. Fucking him with both for a few minutes before he begged to have them removed. I not only removed them but also rewarded slave with some more intimate teasing. Giving both his arse and his mind a break 😉

I wasnt finished with him yet though or his arse. Again, opening him up I slid my fist in and out of his arse fucking him until he was once again relaxed. Positioning my other hand, I slid it back inside this time fucking him for longer before he once again begged for mercy having had enough. While I felt his cock more than deserved a bit of attention after the fisting he had taken, slave was considerably more spent than expected. The intensity had taken it out of him. Regardless we both had a ball, slave delighted he managed to take both my fists again. I chided him not to leave it so long between catch ups next time. Five years is way too long 🙂

A fun session with a regular who is into medical play – mostly roleplay. The rest is a tie and tease, sensation play testing his resp0nses, sensory deprivation to check his hearing and vision, various samples to be taken as well as his sexual responses and prostate to examine. He is a character so we have a lot of fun with the roleplay, he also is deliciously sensitive – especially his nipples. Of course they usually end up being a focus of my attentions.

I was also delighted by a call from one of my regulars I havent seen since my last establishment. His session anal rape – a combination of roleplay and fisting. He likes to be treated rough, humilated and forced, called names, fucked hard with the strap on and my fist both. I had forgotten how much fun he was… not by the time I was finished though. I made good use of him, with slave on all fours taking my fist from behind as he came all over the towel beneath him. Very much looking forward to next time 😉

Finally, a very hot session with a regular. My leather fetishist, I do enjoy his visits as we share an interest and appreciation of leather. We started with him kneeling in slave position before I told him to kneel up, eyes lowered. I placed a thick leather collar around his neck, and then a leather hood over his head. I do love hoods also, the visual.

He had been given a chance to glimpse the outfit I had on, leather boots, skirt, top, gloves, hat… before I attached the eye cover to the hood he had on. Running my gloved hands over his flesh I felt him tremble with excitement. Laughing I teased his nipples with my tongue. I do so love the piercings he got, his nipples are that much more sensitive, that much more fun to torment.

Taking his cock, I bound it tightly before ordering him to stand. Hands behind his back I moved him against the pole, leather cuffs around it to secure him in place. I began to have some fun tormenting slave. Rubbing myself against him, knowing he could feel the leather against his skin. Playing with his nipples as I shoved one of my gloved hands inside his mouth, ordering him to suck on the leather. Teasing his balls with some nice leather weights I could swing and drop as it amused me.

Taking the Hitachi, I pressed it against his pierced nipples giggling as he writhed and swore. This gentleman is always very polite and well mannered, I enjoy getting him to swear 😉 Taking pity on him, I pressed the Hitachi against his cock at the same time stroking him with my gloved hand. Just enough to frustrate him more. I made slave slide down the pole, as he did worshipping the leather outfit I was wearing with his tongue. Removing the gloves I slapped them against his hard cock before releasing him.

Positioning him over the horse, I attached the cuffs. Putting the gloves back on I began to spank his rather nice arse until he was moaning and cursing. Deciding instead to use them another way, I flogged his arse with one I took off bringing his flesh to a nice shade of red. The other I placed in his mouth ordering he not drop it as I continued on with a leather strap, until I felt slave had enough.

I instructed slave onto the floor, laying on his back before attaching clamps around his nipple piercings. This elicited the response I was looking for, and gave me something to amuse myself with while I straddled his hooded face. Pinning him beneath the leather skirt I alternately tormented his clamped nipples and his cock with the Hitachi. I couldnt help but laugh at the intensity of his responses, only serving to inspire me to torment him more.

Finally I took pity on him, ordering him to cum into my gloved hand. As he emptied himself with a rather intense orgasm, I shoved my cum soaked fingers down his throat ordering slave to suck the glove clean. He readily obliged, spent. Slave was dispatched to the shower to clean up once he had his senses together 😉


  1. I do remember how enjoyable it can be and is now… Very very sexy you were. Thanks again, can’t recommend you highly enough mistress. Wish I could be used more often

  2. I really must stop reading your blog whilst naked. I keep hitting my erection on the desk.
    It’s painful I tell you.

    sev xx

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