Antics 10Jun19

Some pics from the fun and games that have been keeping me too busy to update ! Not to mention the recent videos posted, a taste of what has gone on in session.

Antics 17May19

Apologies for my lax presence of late, in between bookings various commitments and trying to get this website /galleries bedded down have been keeping me busy :/ Next time i get a geat idea? Slap me.

Antics 02Apr19

Antics 02Apr19 Busy week so far, quick update with some pics of fun from the past few days ๐Ÿ˜‰ More tonight too… and tomorrow…. best get organised. Enjoy !document.

Antics 22Mar19

The past week has included discipline, anal, elecro, sharps and saline infusion on one lucky slut.


Antics11Mar19 Fun sensory dep session with the gasmask, earphones, blindfold. Slut restrained, cock tied face down on bench while i administered some discipline to his ass.

Antics 06Mar19

Past week seemed to focus largely on discipline with a few fun sessions, including the cane. Given a lot of sluts cant have marks, I did enjoy the opportunity to let loose a little.

Antics 26Feb19

Antics 26Feb19 Fun roleplay with one slut, caught him cheating on his wife. Some verbal humiliation while he was positioned hands on head, his arse disciplined and told his punishment.

Antics 22Feb19

Antics 22Feb19 Antics 22Feb19 fun with a new slut last night. Mummification, hood, gag, nipple and CBT play.

Antics 17Feb2019

Fun this week including anal, electro, discipline, sharps. Also caught up with a slut I havent had the pleasure of tormenting for quite some time due to work commitments.

Antics 05Feb19

Antics 05Feb19 Some pics of the fun had over the weekend…  

Antics 29Jan19

Antics 29Jan19 Life has been interesting to say the least, or is that challenging ! All sorts of internet connection issues, my provider now says damaged cable back in the storms before xmas – g

Pleasure and Pain

Thought I’d lost this forever, dates back to 2010… Pleasure and Pain video below. This was a video produced for NZ tv show 20 20.

Antics 31Dec18

Antics 31Dec18 Well, last few weeks has been busy but I have also been without internet having to hotspot off my mobile phone.

Antics 07Dec18

Antics 07Dec18 busy week with late nights and early starts. Was great to catch up with a few of my favourite sluts too, always a joy to torment.

Antics 02Dec18

Highlights include some light breathplay with the gasmask, blindfold over the top. Cocktie and nipple clamps, with slut restrained face up on the bench.

Pony play

Saw this video yearssss ago. Jenna Jamieson. Soft core but amazing outfits.

Antics 27Nov18

Antics 27Nov18 Saw a client past week I havent seen for a while. Some heavy flogging followed by some intense electro play...

Antics 26Nov18

Some fun new clients the past few days. One of which was an erotic switch session I really enjoyed. I dont get to switch often enough these days, I miss it.

Antics 21Nov18

Fun couple of bookings. The first with a regular, short and to the point. Started off with half a dozen cane strokes followed by a good fucking on all fours.

Antics 16Nov18

Latex vac bed arranged for sessions on booking. Additional surcharge for use including set up and clean up time.


Slut vacuumed into latex bed. Sealed and immobile prime for torment.

Antics 13Nov18

Fun including one of my roleplay sluts yesterday, with me as HR officer. My employee sent to me for disciplinary action regarding some misconduct on the job.

Antics 11Nov18

A couple of anal sessions, stretching with various toys and fingers before moving to some of my more challenging larger toys and ending with fisting.


I love the dynamic you develop with various sluts over time. The easy rapport and banter. Knowing exactly which buttons to push to elicit the reaction you want. I do so love seeing my regulars.

Antics 31Oct18

Fun booking just now with a new slut, turned out to have a penchant for electro play as well as nipple torture.

Antics 28Oct18

Fun session this evening with a sexy leather fetishist I have been seeing for some time now.

Vac bed

Recently acquired a latex vac bed, a total bondage and sensory experience. Lots of fun for sensation play and restraint.


A couple of recent pics - me, boots and a gasmask kindly gifted by a new slut ;-)

Antics 26Sep18

Antics 26Sep18 Busier than usual with new sluts to torment the past few weeks. The special offer for new clients popular.


Teaser session pics to catch your interest...