Antics 02Dec18

Highlights include some light breathplay with the gasmask, blindfold over the top. Cocktie and nipple clamps, with slut restrained face up on the bench. Weights to the nipple clamps and balls, some electro play and hot wax, changing clamps intermittently just for my amusement. Slut moved to the sling before some sounds and tease to his tied cock, then gradually relaxing that horny arse of his until he took both my fists.

Another slight restrained, some light discipline spanking and strapping his arse till it was rosy red. Moving slut to all fours I pissed in his arse then over his cock. Some light trampling over his cock and balls with my heels till i positioned him on all fours and fucked his arse hard with my strap on.

Fun with the anal hooks as well. The larger tied to the collar of another slut, blindfolded with gasmask and cock tied. He was restrained face down on bench for some heavier discipline with the straps and canes. Turning him over the electro torture continued with the electro sound and plug instead of the anal hook. Clamps on his nipples with weights, hot wax on his cock before he was alllowed release.

Mummified another slut with pallet wrap before strapping him down to the bench. Exposed his cock and nipples for further torment with some clamps, needles, hot wax and electro. Pissed all over his cock (after removing the electro lol) and straddling his face smothered his breath as i teased his cock to the point of exploding.

Another slut was blindfolded, cuffed, while i teased his tied cock before bending him over and shoving my cock down his throat laughing each time he gagged. Forcing him to finally take the whole length down his throat. Moving behind slut I fucked his tight arse with the now well lubricated cock until he begged for mercy. Laying him on the floor i allowed him to play with his cock bringing himself to orgasm while i pissed over it.

A new slut was blindfolded when i opened door to him. I had left out a blindfold and instructions to put it on before knocking. I led him into the playroom and ordered him to strip before i tied his cock and applied clamps. Some verbal humiliation, face slapping and spitting followed. A sound spanking delivered to his round butt before he was forced to his knees to suck my cock. Moving slut to the sling after, cuffed and legs spread I fucked his arse hard before I uncuffed him. Leaving the room, slut was allowed time to shower and get himself together before he left.

Perhaps next time we will actually meet 😉

8 Responses to “Antics 02Dec18”

  1. I meant the session idea where the slut is blindfolded and doesnt see you at all.
    Otherwise we can continue with the naughty schoolgirl . It would be in the new year Mistress

    • Lol sorry I get you now. Miscommunication so easy online :p

      We can do either. Combine them. Blindfolded waiting for punishment.

      • spounds like a plan.will work on a date the will await your instructions as always Mistress

          • will let you know definitely Mistress.
            Most likely will visit you in your playspace to try the sling and maybe some wax play.
            We could also do something totally different but would leave that to you

  2. Love reading the antics you get up to Mistress.
    Would love to do the last one with you in the new year

    • Sorry, that doesn’t make sense. This year, on Nye or last one next year?

      I’m available for bookings over xmas and new year other than a few shifts im volunteering at Wayside Chapel for. I can still come to you, or you could come to the premises here. It’s accessible.

      Ive had lots of fun with bookings xmas eve, boxing day, Nye and new years day in the past
      So long as the slut isn’t too hung over from xmas festivities lol

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