Antics 26Nov18

Some fun new clients the past few days. One of which was an erotic switch session I really enjoyed. I dont get to switch often enough these days, I miss it.

The other a funny slut that made me laugh, having asked for more intense play he found his idea of intense and mine varied wildly lol I suspected it would though 😉

Started off with him tied to the bench, hood on. Gave him a spanking, then some of the strap before turning him over for some electro play and some tease. Clamps on his nipples, pegs on his cock, the wartenburg wheel and some hot wax before tormenting him with the body massage wand (vibrator) with various attachments.

I was about to move him to the sling when his cock exploded all over him with excitement. Tsk, no permission ! no warning haha. Ah well, next time he needs to have better self control 😉

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    • Unless someone is into that I am not about to force them to. My sessions are based on mutual trust and respect of boundaries. Not fantasy.

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