Antics 28Jun18

Antics 28Jun18 Received a few new toys for my birthday, feeling very spoiled.

Toys arrived

New toys arrived the other day. Been busy playing. Will update next day or two.


Some recent purchases, hopefully here by next week.

Anal Week

Some fun anal sessions this week, seems to be the week for it

Happy Anzac Day

Happy Anzac Day to all. Hope you had a good day. Just finished a fun session with a new slut. Bit of everything really, nipple torture, cbt, discipline, electro, and some strap on play to finish off.

Availability Anzac Day

Availability Anzac Day If anyone is at a loose end tomorrow and looking for some fun, I am available for sessions as usual. I do have a couple of sessions already, call to make a booking.

Business as usual

What we do here in Australia is legal, we just cant advertise or host sites on US platforms or any Australian platforms that want to attract US business.

Pre-session pics

A few pics pre-session this afternoon, waiting for my anal slut to arrive. Of late he has done very well, managing to upsize the toys he is able to take after a lot of practice.


Recent fun I recently had with my canes.... for other photos, visit my galleries.

Slutty start to the new year

I have been absent way too long, for that I apologise. Combination of being crazy busy in a good way, and some back issues i have been working to resolve.

No rest for the wicked….

Lots of anal, electro, breathplay, medical with a few sharps thrown in, latex, some discipline,  and even some switching. Topped off with a newbie or two to corrupt ....

Enjoying the new space

Have updated the parramatta gallery with pics of the new playspace, had a busy week having fun and putting it to good use with various sluts.

Quick update

Apologies for my absence online of late, life has been rather hectic. I have been busy as usual having fun with various sluts in session.

Phone issues

If you had issues getting through last week, give it another go. Apparently my phone was playing up, explaining why it was quieter than the norm. Only found out last night.

New thuddy bull hide mop flogger

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And ending with ….

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But wait….

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