Enjoying the new space

Have updated the parramatta gallery with pics of the new playspace, had a busy week having fun and putting it to good use with various sluts.

Quick update

Apologies for my absence online of late, life has been rather hectic. I have been busy as usual having fun with various sluts in session.

Phone issues

If you had issues getting through last week, give it another go. Apparently my phone was playing up, explaining why it was quieter than the norm. Only found out last night.

New thuddy bull hide mop flogger

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And ending with ….

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But wait….

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Fun in session recently…

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Thank you to all my sluts…

Just for being who you are. I enjoy each and every one of you in your own unique way 😉 Big thanks to those who came in over my birthday for some fun, it was a great few days.

Fun over the last few days…

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Last nights fun and games ;-)

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