Special permanent

Recent special rate for new clients was so popular I have decided to make it a permanet offering.

Recent special for new clients was so popular I have decided to make it a permanet offering.

Had loads of fun and some have been back since which is awesome. The recent rain slowed things down a tad, but getting back to busy again thankfully. I start to go stir crazy without play. It did give me a chance to rearrange the playroom.

Some pics below of some recent fun with a slut i have seen previously, albeit not for some time….

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6 Responses to “Special permanent”

  1. Dear Mistress Imogen,
    I can still feel the last staple going in to me sealing My balls inside my scrotum and craving you push more needles into my stapled pussy.
    On my next visit perhaps you would consider sealing my cock inside too?
    I think I screamed when you had to try half a dozen times to get the big electric anal shocker into my tiny ass holeOMG when you turned it up I lifted off the table straining against the straps tying me down wanting more and more …..
    I can’t wait to see you again

    • Lol it didnt take half dozen times… Just consistent gradual pressure on the plug. And that wasn’t big :p

      More than happy to staple more next time. Glad u enjoyed 🙂

      • I would love you to train me to take a bigger electric anal plug mistress next time. And put more current through it .

        Would it be possible to attach electrodes or your remote shocker to my balls and your electric sound into my penis. Then enclose everything with your staple gun into my scrotum with the wires coming out through the gaps in the staples?

        Then add needles and seal my new pussy with wax. Then keep increasing the current inside me while you put needles into my nipples and torture them?

        • Sounds aren’t flexible and depending on length drop through an opening at the base of the penis. Regardless I don’t think you could push it deep enough to enclose the sound and cock without doing internal damage.

          It may be possible to use something else though. I have a thin flexible rubber wire for want of a better word that the lead comes out of one end. I don’t use them as they don’t wrap around the cock as well as i wld like for conductivity.

          If that can be cut but still works it could be used instead.

          • Mistress I would love you to experiment with the rubber wire you suggest be inserted down the inside of my penis ready to electrocute the inside once it’s all stapled into my new pussy.

            Do you think Your scrotum shocker and stick on electrodes on my balls will fit inside the stapled pussy you are going to create too?

            OMG Mistress when you turn up all the electricity !! I can’t wait Mistress.

            I have been thinking a lot about the whipping you gave me. I am ready for more mistress and would like you to include my breasts front , legs and stomach too if that is ok with you .

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