Contact by phone, MINIMUM 2 hrs notice for same day bookings.


Professionally equipped private space 10 mins from Parramatta. Parking available, or by public transport.

PETERSHAM (by arrangement):

Private professional dungeon 10 mins from the city.Β Parking available, or by public transport.

Same day bookings require MINIMUM 2 hrs notice.
DO NOT EMAIL for same day bookings.
Advance bookings must be confirmed on the day.

0451 957 460 (within Australia)
or +61 451 957 460 (international)


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  1. Good morning Mistress Imogen.
    I honestly wish you were based in Melbourne. And unfortunately I don’t travel to Sydney anywhere near enough.
    Happily subscribed for now…

  2. Dear Mistress Imogen.
    Wow what a gallery
    I saw you about two years ago you tortured my cock so much it went black for a month.
    It’s time I handed my body to you again.
    Please let me know the current price for two hours?
    Needles everywhere with weights and bondage
    Electric anal ,cock ,balls ,sounds
    Sever bondage with gas mask
    Extreme cock and ball torture , spiked
    Anal pear lock and electric inside me long time
    Spiked chastity

  3. Hi mistress imogen hope you are well would it be possible to have a session with you this Wednesday at 6pm interested in cbt bondage caning and lots of anal all on me kind regards slutty Luke

  4. Hi Mistress Imogen,
    Just wondering where you are located and if you would be interested in a extreme ballbusting session where you kick, knee and squeeze my balls as hard as you can. I dont mind if you make me cry or throw up.
    Thanks Jay

  5. had an unbelievably amazing session this morning with mistress imogen,,pure gold

  6. Dear Mistress
    I have recently returned from the Uk and am looking for a medium to heavy session- cbt, humiliation, water/toilet training – anal training

    Looking for a session Tuesday or Wednesday this week if possible – I live in Balmain and can travel at short notice

    Looking forward to your reply



    1. Did u have some? shame u didnt let me in on it πŸ˜›

      Email is never a reliable way of contacting me for same day fun. I dont sit at my computer all day and night πŸ™‚

          1. LOL exactly πŸ™‚ cant have you blurry eyed for your office job now can we πŸ™‚

            1. I’d say its my concern managing that not yours wouldnt you? πŸ˜›

              If I feel unable to do a booking, or to do it justice i wouldnt accept it.

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