27 December 2011

No sooner had I stepped through the door, I was back in the dungeon. Most happily so with a long time regular of mine, for lots of anal play with various sized plugs and dildos. That was the best coming home surprise. Unfortunately I had to decline another booking with a favourite regular due to timing, I suspect however we shall be catching up soon šŸ˜‰

Then it was back on the bike for the trip home. I suspect I got more than my share of looks riding the motorbike with crutches strapped to my bag on the back šŸ™‚ Had to get them home somehow. I know just about every motorcyclist understandably did a double take – made me chuckle.

Now that its all over, you can see what I did to my heel. Nasty. Its well on its way to mending, I am entirely independently mobile (YaY !!!!) and have transport. The only sessions I cant do are (obviously) foot fetish ones. Not while its on the mend, and not unless afterwards you are also into scarification šŸ˜‰

Time to put my feet up and relax. Its good to be home.

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