A belated Happy New Year !

Well. Hello to you all.

Yes, I am still here and busy as ever. I have sadly neglected my writing and updating online however as a result. Something I do mean to rectify this coming year with a much more conscientious effort.

I dont know where to start ! The past few months have been fraught with more than a few challenges thrown my way. My youngest cat passed away last year, not long after that my motorbike engine blew up with me on it, then I spent some considerable time healing from dislocated ribs. Just when I thought that was all over, I ended up with pneumonia resulting from the ribs / healing process. Its been a fun time ! Thankfully all over now.

I did have a fun Christmas, out riding with friends – some of you may have seen one of the big rides we do through the city on a Thursday evening all dressed in Santa garb and other outfits. Lots of fun, mostly to wave at the kids big and small alike 😉

Its usually a fairly big turnout, and loads of fun.

Also spent a wonderful Christmas Day with the Wayside Chapel Street Party. Something I have been meaning to do for years, but never gotten around to. I had a ball, as did everyone who attended.

The one constant keeping me balanced through the recent rollercoaster ride? The dungeon ! of course, where can I otherwise vent my stress with such cathartic results …. for both me and my sluts 😉 Thankfully that has kept me from further mischief … well ok not mischief, mayhem perhaps lol

Lockable plugA few new toys have made their way into the Dungeon the past few months, some nice fun anal ones. Including an awesome chastity plug one of my sluts gifted me. Not only is it possible to open the plug inside you, but also padlock it so that ones arse is totally owned! It has a nice weight to it also, I have yet to try adding electro – but its on the cards 😉 I have been having some fun with chastity play of late, particularly in longer sessions.

mask1Also bought a re-breather bag for one of my gasmasks and modified the mask to accommodate it. Works very well 😉 I do love re-breather bags, watching sluts eyes as they glaze over succumbing mask2to my ahem … attentions. At my mercy for their next breath of oxygen, or not.

Another most interesting acquisition of sorts has been taking delivery of a perspex ‘coffin’ for want of a better word, for a slut of mine. Its entirely lockable, with a breathing tube that can also be ‘capped’ ensuring slut can wriggle around (if unbound) as much as they want without being able to escape. Obviously the imagination is the limit 😉 At present I have this stored at home, as the Dungeon does not have enough room. Any booking requiring the use of this would need logistics arranged beforehand. It certainly is a fun and stunning piece of equipment though.

And finally at present, I am in the process of purchasing a very nice, thick, thuddy flogger with one slut in particular in mind 😉 He can take a decent flogging and with this he will most certainly get that and more lol Careful what you wish for perhaps?

NeedlesGoodies aside, I have been enjoying myself tormenting sluts familiar and new. Lots of needles, discipline, electro, roleplay, fun takedown play with a new slut, plenty of anal tease as well. Not to mention some fun double sessions, one thing I have missed since my time at Salon Kittys. Reconnecting with one of the Mistresses I was close to though has been wonderful, we always did have so much fun together. Our styles complement each other so well 😉

A more detailed post next time, for now I will leave you with a few more pics …

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