Introduction to Mistress Imogen – the woman you seek.

Do you yearn to express yourself, sexually, emotionally and physically Are seeking a woman who can guide you in these expressions? A woman who can excite you mentally, stimulate you erotically, awaken you to the full spectrum of sexual sensations?

Pain, pleasure, sensuality and sensation are all on the table in my sessions. From extreme torture to playful tormenting, I can lead you to the satisfaction you are seeking.



My experience…

37 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Lyndon McClay Reply

    Hi there. I LOVE the pics! They excited me intensely!
    I would like to make a 1 hour booking for Tuesday please – would in the afternoon, say 2 o’clock – around this time – be okay?
    I’ll talk to you about what I like during a session with you on the phone? I take a submissive role (submissive slave).

  2. Alex Cole Reply

    Bow down to you Mistress,
    Another query i want to clear. Actually i have never been a slave, but after looking at your Gallery I am little afraid. Can I be your chair? Are you so merciliess?

    Thank you for your time.


  3. Alex Cole Reply

    Is there any way I can be your toilet? I wish to be under you worshipping you

  4. Mistress Imogen i did call u tonight but u must of been asleep so ill u tomorrow plus im from western australia

  5. Mistress imogen ive never called a mistress b4 i am bit scared 2 but i will call u later 2night

  6. Mistress Imogen can we roleplay mommy/son plz as id like 2 experience being a kid again

  7. Hi mistress Imogen im new 2 this and just wanna know 2 u do roleplays like mommy/son,teacher/student etc if so we can discuss in more detail.Mistress Imogen can i have my bum spanked by ur hand hairbrush and paddles please

  8. Mistress,
    I have always wished to see you for a session but have always been a little scared but I I have dreamt for too long. I want to experience a full cuming experience without touching my cock. Merely from anal stimulation! Is this something you can help me with?

    Where are you based and how much for a session which will probably turn into multiple sessions?

    Thank you,
    Slave Bernie

  9. One day I will make it all up to your if you ever decide I’m worthy to do so. My goodness, just can’t get you out of mind… More than Perfect for Anyone, novice to experienced. Cutest thing you’ll ever see and most sadistic. Biggest adoration!! Keep well

  10. WOW is all that comes to mind I can not wait for you to do to me as you please in any possible way you desire.
    Will confirm my booking for Thursday night and with any luck wendsday night for a mind blowing session. So between now and then my mind will be going insane picturing what MY GODESS MISSTRESS will do to my mind body and most of all my arse that longs for MY GODESS MISSTRESS to streach and fuck as SHE desires.
    N.B Fantastic web site excellent detail

  11. I love that you are so open about what you do…as an Erotic writer I find that it is difficult to find people so open about what they do. You are fantastic. Keep playing.

  12. I need to come to Australia and bring my Domme with me. Then you and she can talk and I can be afraid.
    sev xx

  13. Mistress Kruel told me you are now playing in her dungeon, i`ll miss her but also hear you`ll fill the void (or maybe mine) quite nicel, will be in touch very soon 🙂

    • Mistress imogen is highly recommended. Unbelievably sexy and sadistic and witty with cheek. Knows she has you under spell and did not fail to deliver. Don’t think twice novice or experienced.
      I will look forward to being show the way forward. Femdom at it’s best.

        • As always you had me bursting.. This time literally and very early. You are good. Upset though I could not then deliver goods. 

          • haha yes well, thats what happens when you have all day to anticipate the fun…. and are toey to boot 😛

            Its ok, I shall hold you to it next time.

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