New clients

New clients are welcome to enquire either by email or phone. However unless I know you I dont take initial bookings other than by phone. When calling do not use a private number or your call will not be answered.

I may not get back to you immediately if I am already with a client, however I will respond by sms in business hours that day usually, advising i can talk and inviting you to call again if convenient.

Time wasters

Disrespect and time wasting are the quickest ways to join my block list, including sms or calling at ridiculous hours of the night. These most certainly will not get you into session with me. If you cant show respect outside of the playroom, I assume you certainly wont show it once inside.


Please be respectful and address me accordingly. New clients and regulars are always welcome to ask relevant questions or call back if necessary to book. Don’t however waste my time with no intention of booking.

Do not ask me if I want to offer my service for free/want a personal slave when you haven’t even met me. Its discourteous and insulting. You wouldn’t expect any other service provider you see to work for free. Nothing screams time waster more than that. It will not get a response especially if you are a new client.

New clients must pay a deposit for the first session at the time of booking.

First time clients MUST pay $50 deposit through PayPal or gift card to secure the booking. No exceptions.

You can pay the deposit using my PayPal.Me page by clicking link below or online gift card purchase by clicking tne second link.

Paypal: Choose personal payment option and put a name to identify payment.

When the paypal screen opens with payment details, click the next button at bottom right. Then log into your PayPal account to process the transaction.


Gift Card: Purchase a $50 gift card at the below link and have emailed to recipient (me) at

Once payment is received I will sms confirmation. The booking may be rescheduled for no additional fee. No refund payable on cancellation or failure to keep appointed booking.

On the day

New clients are required to sms / call to confirm prior to our appointment. If you fail to do so, and have not advised me that you are unable to make the booking, I will not EVER accept another booking from you. See paragraph on time wasting/disrespect.

Those that show me the professional courtesy of advising in advance they are unable to attend, will be given another appointment on request. Please remember its not just myself you inconvenience with a cancellation, other people may miss booking that time.

On confirming the booking, new clients will be given the address and instructions how to get there/where to park. If you are running early, please let me know as we may be able to start earlier. Same if you are running late, I may have another booking afterwards.

On arrival

We have time for a quick chat when you arrive, this does not come out of your session time. If there is anything you wish to ask/amend/include this is the time to let me know. If an enema is required I will administer, again this does not come out of your time.

Clients do have a safeword (Mercy). If there is an issue you can call it and I will address whatever the issue is. Fee is payable on arrival, and once discussion and any enema is complete, you will have a quick shower before we start the actual session.

Once you are showered and return to the room, the fun begins 😉

Session time

Whether you are a slave or a slut/plaything I am still in charge/control. Whether strict or relaxed, I like to have fun in session usually at your expense. I appreciate your personality and the energy exchange between us, so dont be afraid to let yourself relax into the play.

I get off on your reactions and where I can take you. Its always difficult when you first meet someone to place your trust in them, but the rewards when you do are plentiful. I am experienced in both play and reading people, and I endeavour to give you a good experience not do you harm. I want you to come back after all 🙂


You will be allowed time to shower and dress prior to departure. Please take your time, sometimes it can take a few minutes to get one’s head back together 😉 Any further questions you have or feedback can be discussed once you have showered.

Hopefully you will have enjoyed the experience and both of us will look forward to our next time together.



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4 Responses to “New clients”

  1. I am a very old slave i looking to get back to you in the early new year what would my fee be for 1hr and o mins even 2 hours could be a go please let me know and where you are now i know you moved from last place i went peter

  2. Good morning Mistress,

    I am most intrigued with your website, which shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into developing it so well.

    About me, l am a polite mature age guy with little experience in the BDSM scene, although curiously interested in being a likely newcomer. I would therefore like to take up your 1hr new client special offer if I may please.

    However I must say from the outset, that whilst somewhat apprehensive upon seeing the more intense images displayed on your site, I feel that I really do need to push through the anxiety within me, and be fully trusting of your position and expertise in guaging the limits and boundaries of your clients, whilst also ensuring that such boundaries reach their full potential.

    Just for your record though, some things that would not be welcoming to me would be: any caning, noticeable marks left, use of needles or any piercing of the skin, mummification.

    Some things that would be appealing, that would allow me to open up to your control could be: anal play (as a total newby), enema, restraints to various props and/or sling, tease, sense deprivation, spanking, being made to feel like your plaything, whereby you have control of my pain and pleasure.

    I hope this paints an outline picture that you can work with and add your particular twists and flair.

    My intention would be to meet with you on possibly the 11th or 12th September for a mid morning appointment if that meets with your approval and availability.


    • Hi Keith, apologies for the tardy response. With bookings phone is usually best for a timely response. Give me a call at your convenience.

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