11 April 2012

Been quite busy of late, Easter quieter than I expected giving me a chance to catch up on domestics and all those boring things.

A few new sluts to play which which has been fun.  Some anal sluts, big toys, two fists, deep fisting… gotta love variety 😉

Also some fun with someone I havent played with for a while, and the first outcall I have done since leaving my former establishment. This gentleman has his own little play space out my way, quite well equipped.

He is primarily into bondage, with a medical/newspaper fetish – starting with the hands, the eyes, a plastic medical robe before securing him to the examination table amidst layers of newspaper. Balls in his hands, more balled newspaper inhis mouth as a gag. Then once patient is secure, the examination and testing begins …. sensation play, sounds, electro, anal and finally of course the collection of specimen samples for the lab 😉  We video’d part of the session however I havent as yet had time to have a look, I will over the next few days. I am sure its quite amusing in parts lol

Fun with another reg I missed out on seeing last time as I was already busy. A fun slut who likes his nipples and arse tormented. Before I began though I wanted him dressed appropriately, hood, collar, cuffs, harness, anal hook 😉 Cuffing him to the headboard behind him I tormented him somewhat before moving him to the sling and having my way with that arse of his.

I also had a nice surprise over easter with a visit from a slut I havent seen for ages, he is a hoot to play and totally incorrigible. We had lots of fun exploring that arse of his until he begged for mercy, being a tad out of practice lol

And last night a fun session with a gentleman I havent seen before. A norti schoolboy roleplay, caught wanking, habitual offender with a very small cock. Cant quite get the fascination myself 😛 Regardless, I had lots of fun disciplining the dirty little wanker, laughing as I forced him to play with that sad excuse of a cock for me. Slipping on my strap on I showed him what a real cock looks like, and feels…. as i raped that tight arse of his. Finishing him off standing over him, covering that cock in piss as he wanked and came over himself.

This evening looking forward to another fun time with a regular I enjoy tormenting 😉 And tomorrow – back to the specialist, for something different. See how that pans out. I’m walking, I’m still not in heels and champing at the bit to get back on my pushbike if i can. Have to ask about that. Still cant get a work boot on without screaming though, tried it this week :/

I miss heels, i miss my boots.