3 December 2010

Today I saw a gentleman for the second time since I have been at the new premises, he originally responded to my advertisement. His session a tie and tease with some light anal stim. Today we took it a bit further.

Once naked I had him wait in slave position for me. Instructing him to kneel up on my return I blindfolded and cuffed him, tying his balls tightly with some rope. Gently teasing his nipples, I noticed a shudder causing me to laugh. Did he think I had forgotten how sensitive they were? 😉

I teased them some more before squeezing them tightly with clamps. My attention turned to his cock, alternately teasing then slapping. Gripping his balls between my hand i lightly flogged the head before ordering him down to all fours.

Increasing the pressure of the clamps I fixed a weight to the chain, and then some to the rope around his balls too. I straddled his torso, tightening my legs around him so he couldnt move and began spanking him until his skin was a rosy pink. Satisfied, I moved behind him and slipped on some gloves. Probing his ass slowly with my fingers feeling the muscles relax as he began to push back against me ever so slightly.

Last time we only used a buzzy toy, this time I had brought the strap on. A very small one mind you. I stood up, removing slave’s blindfold so he could see what he was about to receive. Standing before him I ordered him to take my cock into his mouth, guiding his head slowly as he did. Watching him taking it deeper as his mouth hungrily devoured it, I held his head pinning my cock down his throat till he gagged.

Ordering him back to all fours, I moved behind him again this time though positioning my well lubricated cock at his ass. Slowly to begin, I nudged it against the puckered entrance until it slid fully inside him. Gradually I built up the rhythm thrusting in and out as he moaned and pushed back, enjoying it I suspected a lot more than he had anticipated 😉

I wasnt finished with him yet though and after I was finished using his ass I removed the weights from his nipples and balls then had him roll over onto his back. I slid the buzzy toy inside his already sensitive ass and turned the dial to high, teasing his cock with my hand and the hitachi vibrator. Ordering him to play with himself I removed the strap on. I stood over him, straddling his cock and hand…. before releasing a stream of urine over him. Again, something we had not explored before. Something though we shall be doing more of.

My bladder emptied, I turned my attention to rewarding slave for being so good. Using the vibrator mercilessly teasing his cock until he was shuddering uncontrollably, chuckling inwardly as I realised the conflict of what was going to be one awesome orgasm. I could see slave was almost scared to let go, but let go he did and give me what i want. Licking the mess clean afterwards from my gloved fingers.

Satisfied, I sent slave to the shower. I think today was probably spent with a very large smile on his face 😉


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