13 September 2011

Fun session with a horny slut yesterday, another Mistress joining us for the antics.

We began with the slut naked, standing before us as I introduced him to Mistress K. She was suitably impressed by the sight before her, running an admiring hand over his body as I tied his cock and balls lightly. He is relatively new and yet to experience many forms of play.

Instructing slut onto all fours Mistress K positioned herself before him preparing her cock to make good use of that mouth of his. I moved behind slut, kicking his legs further apart and teased his arse gently with my finger. I had a very small cock in my strap on as this slut is no size queen… yet 😉 Both of us penetrated him at once, fucking both ends gently at first. Slowly building the rhythm until he was moaning and thrusting his arse out to meet my cock. Mistress K alternately teased slut with her cock and her breasts, we laughed deciding he liked her breasts more.

Swapping ends, we further loosened slut’s arse as Mistress K had a slightly bigger cock on than I. Easing the cock into sluts arse, I rewarded him with my nipples allowing him the distraction of teasing them with his tongue. It seemed that cock wasnt such a problem after all, slut soon taking the length of it inside his arse, reaching back to push it further inside himself.

Changing positions, we instructed slut to stand. Seating myself before him I took his head burying it between my legs, smothering him as Mistress K once again thrust her cock deep inside his arse. Giggling as we watched slut thrusting against her, I instructed him to play with that cock of his ensuring his arse would clamp down around the cock. That only drove him closer to the edge until he begged to cum. Laughing I allowed him release, watching as he milked his cock for all it had.

We were left with one rather spaced and spent slut, having very much enjoyed the intensity of two Mistresses using him. Myself I thoroughly enjoyed the antics, and was reminded just how much I enjoy working with a variety of personalities in the dungeon.

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  1. Sounds like a great session. Let me know what you have in mind for me when I get the.nerve next…,

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