23 September 2012

Been a good and busy few weeks 🙂

Made the most today with a pushbike ride followed by some double handed single tail practice outside in the garden. Been a while since I used them. Not sure what the neighbours thought of the whip cracks. Dont care 🙂

Had lots of fun in the dungeon too. Caught up with my leather fetishist for a tie and tease type session. I got to wear my leather boots and skirt/top/gloves/hat to torment him with. Rubbing the fabric over his flesh as I tormented him. His cock tied, some leather mitts over his hands, I cuffed the slut to the sling and bent him over for some discipline. A spanking, the strap and the flogger – leather of course.

Moving him into the sling, I put the gasmask on the slut and did some light breathplay. Something he hadnt tried before and was quite responsive to 😉 I attached the electro to his cock,  and also inserted a small electro plug in his arse – again something he had not tried and found most enjoyable. When I had teased him enough, I swapped the electro plug for my strap on and fucked the slut hard until he came, doing breathplay on him the whole time. I do love the intensity breathplay gives 🙂

Also saw a new gentleman for a fun roleplay. Having been caught cheating on his wife he was subjected to verbal humiliation and instructed to stand in the corner, hands on his head. I proceeded to spank his bottom hard while I told him what he was going to be punished with.

Starting with his hands, he was ordered to hold them out. I delivered 9 strokes of the cane to each hand before ordering the slut to position himself over my knee for some more discipline to that arse of his. He was soundly spanked till his arse glowed pink. Satisfied with the colour of it, I moved the slut to the bench and restrained him securely face down. I wasnt finished with his punishment. The slut received more of the strap and the cane, 18 strokes – six each of three different canes. Pleased with his behaviour the slut was rewarded with a golden shower before he was allowed release. Thirsty work being punished 😉

Another new slut dropped in for some fun. He found himself blindfolded, cock tied, and cuffed to the winch before I went to work on that arse of his with some discipline. Teasing the slut keeping him nice and horny, Imoved him to the sling. I put the electro rings on his cock and fucked his arse with my strap on till he begged to cum.  Lots of fun, I look forward to seeing him again.

Some fun also with a few regulars. A couple I havent had the pleasure of seeing for a few years now for various reasons, life ! One regular though that is always fun visited. I blindfolded him, tied his cock, placed clamps on his nipples and attached him to the winch for some discipline. Moving the slut, I delivered a golden shower that he drank before I put him in the sling. Some weights attached to the clamps on his nipples for added amusement I fucked his arse with my strap on, playing with his nipples till the slut exploded over himself.

Another regular I always enjoy came in for a short session. He found himself restrained with the gasmask on, spreader bar and the winch cranked high so he was standing taut. I teased the slut with some light discipline and sensation play, some light CBT to that hard cock of his, interspersing it with some breathplay before forcing him to orgasm. Very intense stretched out as he was 😉

Caught up with another fun regular that I hadnt seen for a while for a tie and tease. Started with him blindfolded, cock tied securely, clamped nipples and strapped face up on the bench. His legs in stirrups I teased him with the electro ring around his cock and the plug in his arse. Some erotic tease, a golden shower and some anal play building up to the slut taking my fist.  Fucked him with my hand till he exploded over himself.

Another gentleman I hadnt seen for oh about 6 yrs popped in for a visit. It was great to catch up. I started with him blindfolded, cock tied, and restrained face up to the bench. I began teasing the slut with some sensation play, vampire gloves, electro plug and rings. Teasing his cock bringing him to the edge of orgasm then stopping each time, building it up.

Allowing the slut a golden shower I also took the opportunity to move him to the sling where I could focus more on teasing that arse of his. Slowly working my fist into his arse then fucking him gently, bringing him to the edge of orgasm and stopping each time before finally allowing him the mercy of release 😉

Finally again, someone I hadnt seen for many years popped in for some fun. An extended tease and denial, I started by putting the slut into a chastity/restraint device for his cock, then I bound the slut tightly to the pole. Teasing his restrained cock till he was groaning and writhing amused me no end. Giggling I took great delight in tormenting him, I do so love responsive sluts.

After some more tease and a golden shower, I moved the slut to the bench and resecured him with pallet wrap till he could do no more than wriggle. Some electro on his cock, I tormented him with some sensation play, sounds, and the hitachi.  Again, bringing him to the edge then stopping. Until he was finally allowed to beg permission to cum….

Well, the slut failed that one and instead of holding back as instructed, this time he exploded everywhere. Punishing him, instead i forced his orgasm and continued the torment long after he was sated and sensitive, finally shoving my cum covered fingers in his m0uth for him to suck them clean. Tsk. Someone needs more control/training 🙂

Had a lazy day off today. Heard from another gentleman I havent seen for a while, we used to have lots of fun with switch sessions. I am hopeful he will be in to visit next Sunday, look forward to it. Also looking forward to next week.

Fun stuff planned 😉