24 May 2012

So, that long awaited post πŸ™‚

Starting where I left off…. a visit from one of my favourite sluts. We did a bit of enema play this time, to my amusement he exploded in anticipation almost immediately. Chastising him, I delivered some discipline before getting him on all fours to fuck that face and arse of his with my strap on. Β Some face smothering, tease and a lot more denial before he was sent home unsated. Perhaps to learn a little more self control? πŸ˜‰

Another of my sluts that I had a lot of fun with found himself blindfolded, cuffed, cock and balls tied before I placed some pegs on his nipples. Securing him to the headboard I reddened his arse with some discipline. Moving the slut to the bench, he was restrained on his back.

Teasing his cock, I applied the electro rings and inserted the plug in his arse. Adjusting the levels until slut was squirming I tormented his cock further with some sounds. Sliding them in and out, pressing the hitachi against it. He also received a few needles for the first time before being moved to the sling for some anal play.

Satisfied that the slut was well used, I released him and ordered him to the ground. I had him wank for me as I stood over Β him and delivered a golden shower Β forcing him to drink it. Finally allowing the slut to cum, he was forced to lick his hand clean before being sent off for another kind of shower πŸ™‚

Speaking of sluts (so many of them !! hehe) I was delighted to have a visit from one I have been seeing over a few years but havent seen for a while. It was awesome to catch up, he always makes me laugh and we have a very horny time together. He really is a total slut and completely incorrigible. I have loads of fun making him squeal, and loudly πŸ˜‰

More fun with a couple of my fisting sluts, and a fun roleplay with another slave. He is always a good giggle, getting into whatever surprise I decide to throw at him on the night. Always some face slapping, lots of face fucking till he gags (yum), discipline and lots of CBT.

A couple of erotic sessions with lots of bondage, tease, electro, humiliation. And a new gentleman who was a lot of fun. Into many things, amongst them small cock humiliation, spanking and watersports, needles, electro, fisting – although we didnt quite manage the fist given its been some time between play. Next time πŸ˜‰

Also some fun for me, with a very horny sub session involving the Sybian. Very horny and very intense, usually need a while to recover after those sessions πŸ˜‰

A fun session with a relatively new slut who wanted some of his boundaries pushed. And finished up rather spaced commenting that it was a lot more intense than last time, careful what you ask for eh? πŸ™‚ We did some discipline and trampling, along with electro, watersports, anal play. The electro I pushed as well as making him drink the golden shower this time around, he did well and was suitably rewarded. We also did some light ball kicking which I suspect we shall be doing more of, going by the reaction of his cock at the time.

Speaking of feet. A visit from another slut I have had the pleasure of tormenting over time. He was my first ever double fisting way back when, and this time my first ever footing – hence the pics πŸ˜‰ A very hot session, smothering, golden showers, lots of anal, and yes both fists before I got the slut on all fours and tried my foot. We tried a couple of different positions but only got it in as far as the heel. More to practice with next time hehe

Finally, a double session with Master Damion and a regular slut we toy with. We had much fun in taking turns at using the slut’s mouth and arse. Some forced face fucking, golden showers, smothering, and lots of anal play working up from big toys to fisting. Finally the slut was allowed to cum, exploding all over himself.

I think thats enough for now….