9 January 2011

One of my favourite nipple/anal sluts came in yesterday morning, and for something different brought along a lady friend of his to voyeur the session. Just as well he did, the extra pair of hands came in useful for the camera 😉

Starting with the slut cuffed, standing, I teased him playing with those nipples of his. Not long before he was growling at me, amusing me even further. Biting, pinching, clamping, flicking, singeing until he mercied. Releasing him, I repositioned him in the sling his lady friend already aroused from the happenings.

Moving behind us so she could watch, and take some pics for us (thank you !). I lubed up the horny ass in the sling before me and started to relax him with my fingers, slowly increasing the number until my whole fist was buried inside him. Thrusting it in and out, hitting the right spots causing the slut to buck and writhe with anal orgasm after orgasm.

Knowing the little slut could take so much more, I teased his cock some with the Hitachi before cupping that with my fist and slowly working both inside. Nothing like the intense vibration of a hitachi buried deep in one’s ass 😉 Moving both inside until again he was overtaken by orgasms, the aftershocks of which went on for minutes much to my enjoyment, nothing like a slut spasming uncontrollably before you.

Removing the hitachi, I replaced it with my other fist. Both cupped until they pushed through slut’s still spasming sphincter filling him completely. Repositioning my hands inside, until they were both balled side by side I began fucking his arse hard causing slut to buck and thrust just as hard in response as each subsequent orgasm gripped him.

Chuckling to myself, I upped the ante and tried to get both fists and the hitachi inside. Alas, no prize this time…. especially after all those anal orgasms, slut was almost spent. I took mercy on him instead, and allowed his still reverberating arse a break turning my attentions instead to his cock. Like a lot of gentlemen, when doing intense anal play his whole pleasure centre shifts and erection is not something achievable. Until its over. Rewarding slut for pleasing me and entertaining his lady friend, I brought him to a different sort of orgasm and allowed him release.

It was a rather dazed slut I bid farewell to, along with a rather horny lady friend to look after 😉 I do look forward to our next encounter…