9 March 2011

So yesterday, 2 hr session with one of my favourite regs. I havent seen him for a while as he has been busy working interstate. And you could tell he needed the session, he ejaculated 6 times without me even touching his cock lol

The session started with the slut standing to be blindfolded. Once the blindfold was on, I ordered him onto all fours buckling a collar around his neck. Lubing up an anal hook, I slid it inside his already horny arse and tied it off to the collar so the tension was tight, every movement would be felt by the slut.

This time I left the cuffs off him, ordering him to stand (carefully) and keep his hands behind his back. Self discipline can be so much more challenging than simple restraint πŸ˜‰ I began going straight for his weak spot. Teasing his nipples with my mouth and fingers before affixing some clamps to them. Tying his cock and balls tightly, he begged to have the clamps removed. Smiling I agreed and released his now very sensitive nipples.

I laughed warning slut that while I had agreed to remove the clamps, I didnt agree to be nice. Instead tormenting his nipples with other devices I had at hand. Laughing every time he yelped, teasing him even more with the hitachi pressed against the anal hook. My delight grew when he started growling. When he growls, I know I have his attention πŸ˜‰

I ordered the slut onto his back, no easy feat with the hook embedded in his arse. I straddled his face smothering his breath as I pinched and pulled his sensitive nipples. Slapping his cock, teasing him with the vibrator until he was writhing beneath me unable to breathe.

Knowing how horny the slut was I took pity on him and removed the anal hook, repositioning him instead in the sling with his legs spread and his arse open for use. Starting slowly, relaxing his arse, I gradually worked my fist inside and began fucking him slowly with it. It wasnt long before he was bucking and growling, thrusting hard against the fist fucking his arse.

I have double fisted this gentleman before but this time we were going for depth, that second sphincter. Using a long double ended dildo I slid it inside to the hilt fucking him slowly with it, before replacing it with my fist again. Keeping my hand relaxed I worked my way deeper inside him until I was buried inside half way up my forearm.

The slut himself was going off, growling and thrusting against the fist as much as he was trying to take me deeper. This gentleman prefers anal orgasms to ejaculation, however this time he was overwhelmed with both. Repeatedly. As I said, he ejaculated no less than six times by the time I was finished with him. I was left with a quivering pile of spent slut at the end. And amazed myself at how many times he came. No small feat for anyone!

I am looking forward to our next session πŸ˜‰

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