Doesnt everyone?

And the week is filling up nicely with bookings. Much fun to look forward to.

Had to laugh last night, watching me doing a bit of impromptu découpage on an unusual shaped chocolate box housemate pipes up “you are the only person I know who can turn a box of chocolates into an execution scene”.

Ruth Snyder

I was pasting pictures from a book I had read while away, “Dead Men Walking“. Trivia – the term electrocution is derived from the phrase electric execution. There was also a ‘war’ between Edison (DC) and Testa/Westinghouse (AC). Each pointing to the other’s source as the more dangerouse, not wanting to alienate/scare off householders. Edison tried to have the term “to Westinghouse” coined, but it failed to take hold.

I digress, at least now the box is even more interesting 🙂

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