Anal Slut

Another anal slut video below. You can watch it below at the following link:

 Anal Slut

Voyeur available

Voyeur Available

I have available a kink aware, yet inexperienced female friend who is curious and keen to voyeur in session for those exhibitionist sluts. She may be encouraged to do a bit of verbal, face slapping or spitting with the right incentive.

Sessions that include my friend as voyeur must be booked a day in advance, at a mutually agreed time. Obviously giving more notice, will increase your likelihood of ensuring her availability at your desired time.

A deposit will be payable at the time of booking if I haven’t seen you before. To enquire further about scheduling a session, content and fee please contact me.

Look forward to having some fun with both of you 😉

Anal Stimulation

What is Anal Stimulation?
What is Prostate Milking?
How Safe is Anal Stimulation?
Is Anal Stimulation Pleasurable?


What is Anal Stimulation?

Anal stimulation can involve anything that penetrates the anus stimulating the prostate. This includes fingers, toys or vibrators, strap on dildos, fisting including both, or long toys and arms for depth. Anal stimulation should never be forced. The goal is to stretch the muscles while relaxing the sphincter not to force penetration or tear the area.

What is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking is often confused with prostate massage when it comes to anal stimulation. Prostate milking occurs when a certain area around the prostate is massaged. This causes release of seminal fluid without the accompanying pleasure experienced by orgasm. It tends to be used more in conjunction with chastity play to maintain sexual health of the slave without allowing them pleasure.

In my experience prostate milking is rarely what someone actually wants, unless they are into chastity play or denial of orgasm.

How Safe is Anal Stimulation?

Any skilled and trained Sydney Mistress should practice good sexual hygiene and safe techniques when engaging in anal play. This includes enemas for larger or deeper penetration, gloves and condoms on toys used.

Hygiene is important during anal play, not just for sexual health reasons or niceties. Also because the recipient will not relax if they are worried about mess. Also any mess can feel gritty and take away from an otherwise pleasurable experience.

Is Anal Stimulation Pleasurable?

For both males and females, anal play can be highly erotic. The more relaxed and turned on a person is, the better the experience and sensations. And that comes from the mind, as well as the anus.

When the penis is stimulated, the anus tightens. Any direct penile stimulation should occur once penetration is achieved, not during it. Some men find during anal play that their ‘pleasure centre” shifts and they cant maintain an erection. Other men have no issue. Some are intermittently erect or flaccid during play.

Everyone is different. If you do find maintaining an erection difficult, the professional Mistress should cease anal play leaving time to allow you to get erect and orgasm. If that is her aim 😉

Ejaculation aside, you can have multiple anal orgasms (which are completely different) as long as stimulation is continued. Orgasms from anal stimulation are a lot more intense and something to be experienced. Don’t be scared to try anal play. You can use your safe word if it isn’t for you or you are getting too sensitive.

Often anal play can increase the intensity of sensation during play when combined with other aspects such as electro or CBT.


Even if you have tried anal play with partners and haven’t been very turned on by the experience I would highly suggest trusting a professional dominatrix. A professional dominatrix will be much more experienced in this type of play and with a range of recipients. Her goal is to get into your head, make you horny and wanting to please her. Also she will give you a much more pleasurable experience with her skill and training. Stretching wide versus deep both offer different sensations. Preference for either or both is an individual thing.

Special Rate

Special rate on all 1hr Mistress sessions for Regulars until the end of July. Call to enquire/book.

Antics 10Jun19

Hopefully those in NSW have enjoyed their long weekend, i did !!! Below are some pics from the fun and games that have been keeping me too busy to update ! Not to mention the recent videos posted, a taste of what has gone on in session. Some of it rather funny.

Also over the weekend, one lucky slut was honoured with both Mistress Imperia and myself in a double session. It was great to catch up with not only an awesome Mistress but a long time friend, sadly with both our work schedules we dont get the chance to catch up as much these days.

Getting anyone to come out to parramatta is usually a challenge with varying schedules. I very much appreciated the effort she made, and we had a good giggle at slut’s expense for the afternoon. We finished off our abuse of slut by playing Hokie Pokie in his arse lol …. I’ve missed the comaraderie of working with other ladies I realised… or maybe just with her haha.

Enjoy the pics and hopefully I will see some of you soon 😉

Antics 17May19

Apologies for my lax presence of late, in between bookings various commitments and trying to get this website /galleries bedded down have been keeping me busy :/ Next time i get a geat idea? Slap me. Although I might slap back lol

If you have any feedback on site, if anything isnt working as it should by all means ether comment below or email me. Thanks !

Anyway, some pics below from some fun sessions with sluts. Been doing some videoing and one lucky slut even had a double with Master Damion and myself. Been a while since we have worked together, I had loads of fun. Also added a mirror attachment to the end of the bench for those of you who like to watch the action.

If you click the pics below, they should open up into the larger size in slideshow.


Getting Pegged

6 Men Talk About Getting Pegged During Sex—and Why They Love It


My ex-girlfriend used to shove a vibrating, seven-inch dildo up my ass while she blew me. She said I looked like I was having an exorcism when I finally came. My eyes would roll to the back of my head. I’d start involuntarily convulsing. It felt incredible. When I came with the dildo inside me, my orgasms weren’t localized to my genitalia; I’d get a lightning sensation from my head to my toes. More similar, I’d imagine, to how women experience orgasms.

When I told my friends, they were flabbergasted, saying they’d never let their girlfriends tear up their backside. Call me selfish, but I’m going to do what feels the most pleasurable during sex. Having something in my behind, massaging the pleasure-centric prostate, is how I have the most intense orgasms. So by God, there’s going to be something up my ass.

I’m not alone in my desires to experience the most pleasure possible. Plenty of other men are asking their female partners to peg them. They recognize in 2019, we can have any type of sex we damn well please.

Six men told us why they love getting pegged (i.e., having a woman with a strap-on plow them). Four of these guys wished to remain anonymous, where two really wanted to use their real names. So go ahead ladies, have at them.


Source: 6 Men Talk About Getting Pegged During Sex—and Why They Love It



Antics 02Apr19

Antics 02Apr19 Busy week so far, quick update with some pics of fun from the past few days 😉

More tonight too… and tomorrow…. best get organised. Enjoy !

[URIS id=9761]


Been playing with a new slider plugin for photos, if you have your phone so its viewed landscape and click the lil arrow in the top right corner it goes to slideshow view / full screen with the thumbnails. Hoping its more user friendly 🙂 Laptop/desktop has the same option.

Antics 06Mar19

Started off with a short caning session on one of my sluts, no warm up. 30 strokes. I went harder than last time, enough to push slut a little.

Saw a new slut for more discipline, some electro play and strap on to finish as slut was forced to lick my hand clean of his cum. Another slut I hadnt seen for quite some time, came in for some fun. It was good to catch up, nervy lil thing he is. Flinched every time i touched him lol. Again, started with a warm up this time progressing from spanking, the strap to the cane. Various clamps to his nipples were removed then replaced intensifying the senssitivity. Moved him from the bench to the sling to finish off with some strap on fun until he exploded over himself.

Another new slut was lots of fun to torment. Some nipple torture and restraint before tormenting him with the electro sound and butt plug. Placed slut briefly in the sling, fucking his delicate arse until he was tender then repositioned him on the sybian to finish him off. I think he had been saving that orgasm for a while by the amount of cum he shot all over himself lol

Finally some fun with another regular. Game with the dice, each number with a corresponding action ie nipple torture, 6 strokes of implement, etc etc. Finished with a light caning to his cock, not something he has taken before. He did so well, he was rewarded for pleasing me so. Not totally rewarded though, being sent on his way without being allowed to cum, and chastity device padlocked in place 🙂

He had kept me waiting earlier in the day… so…. it was fitting, pardon the pun lol

Antics 17Feb2019

Fun this week including anal, electro, discipline, sharps. Also caught up with a slut I havent had the pleasure of tormenting for quite some time due to work commitments. Was a lot of fun getting back into it….



Antics 29Jan19

Antics 29Jan19 Life has been interesting to say the least, or is that challenging ! All sorts of internet connection issues, my provider now says damaged cable back in the storms before xmas – great ! Add to that my phone charger port dying on me…. and you have one stressed Mistress. Thankfully I have my sluts for catharsis lol

Phone now replaced and working well. Internet not so much, currently hotspotting from phone. I do apologise for the lengthy absence, its not been of my making. Between Internet and various sluts keeping me busy its been difficult to update.

And I am still working on the new look for the website, getting there – please bear with me a while longer while i figure out how to customise it all. I know its frustrating for you as well as me, any feedback appreciated or letting me know what works or doesnt….

I have had too many fun sessions with many sluts the past month, some regulars and many new ones too. All have been loads of fun for me, and hopefully our time has been as pleasurable for them 😉

I shall leave you with some pics below and a promise to not be so tardy updatding moving forward !


Antics 31Dec18

Antics 31Dec18 Well, last few weeks has been busy but I have also been without internet having to hotspot off my mobile phone. Seriously kinda over it ! Hence not posting of late :/

I have however been having a lot of fun with various sluts, instead of a post though, to close off the year – some pics.

Happy new year all, stay safe tonight – and yes I’m still available for some perverted fun 😉


Antics 07Dec18

Antics 07Dec18

Antics 07Dec18 busy week with late nights and early starts. Was great to catch up with a few of my favourite sluts too, always a joy to torment haha. A few new slut as well who proved good fun to tease. It was his second session ever so i was nice, this time.

Lots of anal play from tease, to strap on to fisting. A variety of electro play, a first experience for a few. Sensation play, erotic tease. Finishing off the week with some good ole discipline. Slut made me laugh when I saw his face after removing the mask I had on him, that goofy dazed happy headspace grin.

He was in the right mood to take what I delivered, and I think i needed to deliver it. More than him, I pushed him and was glad i did 😉 I have had a little smirk on my face most of the day thinking of him driving all day in his truck sitting on that caned arse lol

Some pics from last night’s discipline…


Antics 27Nov18

Saw a client past week I havent seen for a while. Some heavy flogging followed by some intense electro play with the buttplugs and urethral sound. Finished him off in the sling with some strap on play.

Another slut into tease and denial was restrained to the bench, hooded and gagged before tormenting his cock to the point of cumming and stopping. Some clamps on the nipples, hot wax to his cock in between just to up the ante. Finally he was allowed to explode all over himself.

Some heavy discipline for another slut. Started with some spanking until his bottom was nicely pink, followed with an assortment of straps – leather to latex. Some floggers and whips, paddles and finished off with six of the best with a few different canes until he was nicely welted. I suspect sitting will be a challenge the next few days 😉

And this afternoon, a regular anal slut dropped by for some fun. Slowly working him up, relaxing his arse with my hands and a few toys including big dildos and a rubber fist I have. The body massager tormenting him as I worked it in and out of his arse until he was loose enough to take both my fists. Begging to cum, I allowed him release as I pummelled his arse with both hands.

I do so enjoy variety 😉

Antics 26Nov18

Some fun new clients the past few days. One of which was an erotic switch session I really enjoyed. I dont get to switch often enough these days, I miss it.

The other a funny slut that made me laugh, having asked for more intense play he found his idea of intense and mine varied wildly lol I suspected it would though 😉

Started off with him tied to the bench, hood on. Gave him a spanking, then some of the strap before turning him over for some electro play and some tease. Clamps on his nipples, pegs on his cock, the wartenburg wheel and some hot wax before tormenting him with the body massage wand (vibrator) with various attachments.

I was about to move him to the sling when his cock exploded all over him with excitement. Tsk, no permission ! no warning haha. Ah well, next time he needs to have better self control 😉

Antics 21Nov18

Fun couple of bookings. The first with a regular, short and to the point. Started off with half a dozen cane strokes followed by a good fucking on all fours. Another half dozen cane strokes then slut was allowed relief as a reward.

Today I saw a new slut, we started off putting him some fishnets and pretty pink silky panties. Restraining him to the bench, blindfolded and cuffed I proceeded to match the colour of his arse to those panties. A nice rosy shade of pink after some sound spanking and assorted straps.

Repositioning slut onto his back, I had better access to torment his hard cock. Some electro pads, the electro anal plug had him writhing in pleasure. I put some clamps on his nipples and teased them and his cock and balls with the body massage wand, pulling back each time he got close to exploding.

Deciding he had enough, he was made to kneel cuffed and blindfolded while I fucked his mouth with my cock. Gradully I forced it down his throat until he was gagging on the full length of it. I was quite impressed by his deep throating skills. I put him in the sling, some tight pegs on his sensitised nipples and slowly fucked his arse until i was pounding him with that same cock and another larger one.

I released him and finished him off on the sybian, playing with his cock as i adjusted the controls both oscillating and vibrating till he begged to cum. Pleased with his performance so far, I gave permission laughing as his cock spurted all over the towel on the floor.

I’m not sure who had more fun, him or me 😉

Antics 16Nov18

Different spin on a couple of sessions the past few days.

The first a medical session focussed on incontinence play. While adult baby play is not my thing, I dont mind using nappies for either humiliation or sessions such as this. Started off with a general check up, including blood pressure, blood sugar, prostate before an enema was administered to the patient. Holding the enema he was placed in a diaper to ensure there was no unnecessary mess. A catheter inserted so he had no control over his bladder functions he was given a change of diaper before being sent on his way catheter and enema still in tact. I was hoping he hit peak hour and had a long drive ahead.

Also as posted previously, I got to use the latex vac bed with one of my regular anal sluts. Started off by inserting a rather large vibrating plug, the control of which was placed inside the vac bed with him – once vac sealed I was able to torment him with it via the controls haha. Whilst trapped I tormented slut with some sensation play using various implements and my hands, as well as the body wand massager over his cock and body.

Satisfied he had had enough, begging to be released I moved him to the sling and tormented his arse some more stretching him with some toys before sliding my fists in and out of his arse till he was screaming in pleasure. This slut is very vocal usually requiring the music be turned up to mask his cries. Finished him off on all fours fucking him from behind with a very large black cock I have, till he begged for release and came all over the towel beneath him.

And today fisting fun with another anal slut who manages to take both my fists, a few pics below ….

I love my work 😉


Note: Latex vac bed arranged for sessions on booking. Additional surcharge for use including set up and clean up time.

Latex Vacbed

Latex Vacbed additional charge of $50, arrange when booking session.

Antics 13Nov18

Fun including one of my roleplay sluts yesterday, with me as HR officer. My employee sent to me for disciplinary action regarding some misconduct on the job. Groping female staff members to be precise.

The session commenced with the miscreant standing before me, being interrogated as to his behaviour. Being forced to explain his actions and why he was sent to me. Deciding to teaching him a lesson I humilated him. He was made to him strip naked in my office, I couldnt help but laugh at his soft cock. To teach him some obedience and respect for women I adorned him with a collar, leash and gag.

He was dragged into the bathroom before I pissed all over him, threatening him with allowing the other female staff to do the same. Returning to my office and forced him to his knees I made him suck and gag on my much more worthy cock.

Repositioned on all fours before i forcefully fucked his tight arse, he begged me to stop. So I did, he was sent on his way with no relief. I look forward to his next indiscretion, which I am sure there will be going by his employment file. He might well get the chastity device next time.

Also had a new slut to torment who proved to be quite the lightweight when it came to play. I could barely touch his pathetically small cock without him whining and getting over excited. His arse so tight I could barely get my smallest electro plug in. Instead i delivered some sound discipline for failing to please me.

After which he was tormented with some light sensation play using my vampire gloves and the wartenburg wheen, me laughing as he wriggled around under the restraints holding him in place. I finished him off on the sybian with the smallest attachment i have, until he begged to cum and exploded emptying his balls.

Today was spent tormenting a boot fetishist, making him lick and worship my thighhighs. When i was satisfied I restrained him to the bench, electro plug in place set to microphone. Picking up the rhythm of the music i laughed at his discomfort. Straddling his face I smothered out his cries and his breath while taunting him with the proximity of my boots which he couldnt reach. His cock was teased relentlessly, until he was given permission to cum.

Finished off with a fun discipline session primarily flogging all over, front and back with various whips until slut was red with the impact. Moved him to the sling and fucked his arse with a large cock milking him in the process. Oh dear, no orgasm for him …. my bad 😉 Slut was sent on his way looking slightly sunburned haha.