Antics 17Feb2019

Fun this week including anal, electro, discipline, sharps. Also caught up with a slut I havent had the pleasure of tormenting for quite some time due to work commitments.

Antics 05Feb2019

Antics 05Feb2019 Some pics of the fun had over the weekend…  

Antics 29Jan19

Antics 29Jan19 Life has been interesting to say the least, or is that challenging ! All sorts of internet connection issues, my provider now says damaged cable back in the storms before xmas – g

Antics 31Dec18

Antics 31Dec18 Well, last few weeks has been busy but I have also been without internet having to hotspot off my mobile phone.

Antics 07Dec18

Antics 07Dec18 busy week with late nights and early starts. Was great to catch up with a few of my favourite sluts too, always a joy to torment.

Antics 02Dec18

Antics 02Dec18 A new slut was blindfolded when i opened door to him. I had left out a blindfold and instructions to put it on before knocking...

Antics 27Nov18

Antics 27Nov18 Saw a client past week I havent seen for a while. Some heavy flogging followed by some intense electro play...

Antics 13Nov18

Antics 13Nov18 including one of my roleplay sluts yesterday, with me as HR officer. My employee sent to me for disciplinary action.

Antics 16Aug18

Antics 16Aug18 Switching. Been a longgggg time between canings for my butt. I felt every stroke.