Happy Anzac Day

Happy Anzac Day to all. Hope you had a good day. Just finished a fun session with a new slut. Bit of everything really, nipple torture, cbt, discipline, electro, and some strap on play to finish off.

Quick update

Apologies for my absence online of late, life has been rather hectic. I have been busy as usual having fun with various sluts in session.

And ending with ….

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But wait….

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Fun in session recently…

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Fun over the last few days…

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Last nights fun and games ;-)

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Happy post easter….

Busy as always over Easter, hope everyone had a safe break and as much fun as i did !

Busy weekend…

This weekend was loads of fun, I was kept busy with a few sluts taking advantage of the weekend special – some new, some regulars.

Weekend special – Hour Sessions

Until the end of April, I am offering a special rate for hour sessions conducted on Saturday and Sunday each week. Call to book/enquire.