22 March 2013

Hi all, I promise a post soon. Things have been hectic on all fronts of late. Loving the new house, busy cleaning and settling in 🙂 The cats love it too, which is even more awesome.

10 March 2013

Busy and fun weekend in the dungeon. Oh boy did I need that ! 🙂 Will write up a post this week when I have some time.

23 February 2013

Busy and fun few days in the dungeon, a couple of horny doubles with Master Damion and a couple of  cock hungry sluts.

20 February 2013

Yes I am still alive and well, although that was almost debatable – got hit by another car yesterday coming home. Lucky for me, myself and the bike are both fine. His car not so much.

Yes yes I know…

I keep promising, but nothing forthcoming. There is, just not yet 🙂 I do have good reason, I have somewhat been overtaken by … well, life. Outside the dungeon that is.

All things non-kinky…

Yes, I know I promised an update and it shall be forthcoming. Unfortunately I got home last Friday evening to have a tree bough come crashing down on the power lines and the neighbour’s carport.

10 January 2013

Yes I have been remiss in writing about all the fun I have been having, given the time of year and other commitments I think I can be forgiven though 😉 I shall endeavour to update at some stage over t

Pic :-)

From this evening 🙂 More on that later.

18 December 2012

The past few weeks I have been kept busy with sluts new and familiar, as well as a few I havent had the opportunity to see for a while.

16 December 2012

Busy busy. Blog update later today I hope, if not then tomorrow. The Xmas special has been so popular I am considering extending it into January.

Availability – Christmas / New Year

Unlike last year, this year I will be available  for bookings over the Christmas and new year period. Between 24 December and 6 January that also includes Monday and Friday day times.

Xmas Special

Special rate for all hourly Mistress sessions until Xmas 🙂 Call to enquire or make a booking.

28 November 2012

Recent antics began with a visit from one of my favourite sluts. Starting off teasing his nipples, I attached some rather intense electro clamps I have.

7 November 2012

Lots of fun in the dungeon. Quite a few extended sessions of late, i do love the difference that extra bit of time sometimes makes to getting someone where you want to take them.

A pic or two…

Caught up with one of my sluts today, its been a while and we made up for lost time with him taking both my fists a few times.

26 October 2012

So what have I been up to? hmmm…. One gentleman I had fun with is very much into feeling submissive and loves having his nipples played.

22 October 2012

Update in the next day or two on some of the dungeon fun I have been having. Life has otherwise continued to keep me busy. So good to have the motorbike back on the road.

15 October 2012

SO good to be mobile again. And see the motorbike sitting in the driveway 🙂 How I missed thee. Having said that, its pushbike day.

11 October 2012

Unfortunately I have been way too busy having too much fun to keep track of it all 🙂 I need spanked what can i say 😛 Life has also been hectic outside the dungeon compounding the lack of time to sit a

23 September 2012

Been a good and busy few weeks 🙂 Made the most today with a pushbike ride followed by some double handed single tail practice outside in the garden. Been a while since I used them.

21 September 2012

  Update pending over the weekend. Busy this evening with a booking later on that I am looking forward to. Otherwise been busy getting out on the pushbike – pretty much every day.


If anybody is trying to reach me, today is one of those rare days I would suggest email. I have had no phone reception since lunch time.

4 September 2012

Awesome day today. Made the most of the sunshine with a 15km ride around the park after running some errands. Might have to ditch the winter exercise gear soon, getting a tad warm.

3 September 2012

Well, here I am again. Bet you didnt expect that so soon 🙂 Happy spring all ! Hasnt the weather been glorious. Been making the most of it enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.