30 August 2012

  Late as usual…. fortunately/unfortunately I have been very busy leaving me no time / energy to write. Finally though, a day off.

25 August 2012

Proper update tomorrow, today is too glorious to spend at my desk.

Gossip and the grapevine….

It’s come to my attention that there has been gossip on the proverbial grapevine that I have retired. That I have another job. No I have NOT retired.

21 August 2012

Looking forward to the next few days in the dungeon. Couple of bookings already.

19 August 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather as much as I have been, almost a crime to be in the dungeon.

12 August 2012

I wont be going into much detail today, the past month has been hectic both in and out of the dungeon.

Housekeeping – Bookings

A regular chased me up last night having sent an email through my website which I had not received – if indeed it was sent correctly 😉 I tested it last night and it seems to work fine now.

13 July 2012

Lots of fun in the dungeon and outside. This weather has been glorious for getting out and about. Almost a shame to locked inside, almost… 😉 Something I rarely do, an outcall.

24 June 2012

So, this long promised post… a busy few weeks, some of the highlights for me fun with a few regular sluts and a few new ones as well.

15 June 2012

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the respite from the rain. I most certainly am. Very busy week, and no signs of slowing with three sluts already lined up for some fun tomorrow.

5 June 2012

The past few weeks have kept me busy with various things, the pending court case being one 🙂 Even so, I have still managed to find time to enjoy myself in the dungeon with some fun sluts.

Winter Warmer June Special

I am offering all hourly sessions at a special rate for June. I may even be enticed into the dungeon on Sundays given its nice and warm in there.

26 May 2012

Exciting news, I am back in thigh highs. Yes, you heard correct. As of today. To celebrate, a pic.

24 May 2012

So, that long awaited post 🙂 Starting where I left off…. a visit from one of my favourite sluts.

20 May 2012

Well I am back online, after a very long and frustrating week in every imaginable way. After which I needed a few days away from the whole ‘computer’ thing to just… well relax.

Houston we have a problem !

Computer problem, blogging will have to wait. Best way to contact me is by phone not email for the time being 🙂 Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

3 May 2012

Should be updating with a proper post on the weekend, lots of fun stuff to write about 😉

22 April 2012

Been having some fun sessions in the dungeon, and otherwise enjoying being back on the pushbike.

16 April 2012

Another 6 weeks before reassessment at the specialist, if necessary.

11 April 2012

Been quite busy of late, Easter quieter than I expected giving me a chance to catch up on domestics and all those boring things. A few new sluts to play which which has been fun.

8 April 2012

Happy Easter, I will be updating later today.

Easter Special

All sessions at a special rate from Friday through to Monday inclusive. Please call to enquire.

25 March 2012

Will update properly soon, pic from last night. Something i rarely do, rope.

19 March 2012

Lots of hawt and horny sessions since I last wrote. A few fun fisting sessions, always something I enjoy. One gentleman taking not only both fists but then one up to mid forearm for the first time.

13 March 2012

I have been horribly remiss in updating of late. Combination of being very busy both in and out of the dungeon.