13 February 2012

So, where to start…. Fun with a regular who loves sensory deprivation.

10 February 2012

Apologies, I will be updating Sunday when I have some time to sit down and focus on all the fun I have been having.

24 January 2012

May I say first of all how good it is to be back on the bike, first time yesterday for a few weeks. It will make getting to Uni tonight a whole lot easier, something I am very much looking forward to.

19 January 2012

Fun new toy in the dungeon, used for the first time the other day. More intense than expected though so a little caution is required 😉 Pleasure can be torture too….

14 January 2012

A fun week in the dungeon indeed. A few hawt sessions 🙂 An interesting start, with an offer put to me by one of my regulars. He has recently purchased a Sybian and wanted someone to try it out on.

13 January 2012

Happy Friday 13th 🙂 Very busy week in the dungeon, I shall write more later on that.

5 January 2012

First post of the year. May the coming year hold lots of frivolity, good health and prosperity for all.

Happy new year…

Hoping everyone had a safe and fun new year’s eve. And that you all made the most of the glorious weather today.


One squeamish moment riding home yesterday, seeing another motorcyclist with sneakers on.

Doesnt everyone?

And the week is filling up nicely with bookings. Much fun to look forward to.

New Year’s

I am available for bookings both New Year‘s eve and New Year’s day for those who find themselves at a loose end and up for some fun 😉

27 December 2011

No sooner had I stepped through the door, I was back in the dungeon. Most happily so with a long time regular of mine, for lots of anal play with various sized plugs and dildos.

18 December 2011

So, the long awaited post. Hope its worth it 😉 I am most likely away this week till Friday when I get my stitches out.

Christmas/New Year break

After a freakish accident on the motorbike Friday evening, I have stitches in my foot until 23 December when they come out. Until then I am on crutches where I cannot sit or rest my leg/knee.

Yes, I am alive !

Apologies for once again being lax in updating with all the fun in the dungeon I have been having.

Unavailable until Tuesday

Enjoying some time away relaxing with friends, back on deck… or in the dungeon… Tuesday 😉

25 October 2011

A fun start the other week with a greedy strap on slut. A short session but an intense one. After tying his cock and teasing him, he was well fucked in various positions.

Busy week

Lots to write about but it will have to wait for tomorrow. This weekend has also turned out to be busy with a few sessions yesterday, and an extended booking today.

10 October 2011

Been busy in the dungeon since I last wrote, lots of extended sessions too which are fun.


I just realised 17 September was the 12 month anniversary of my going independent. Time flies – my first session at the new premises the following Friday.

29 September 2011

Lots of fun the other day with a gentleman into heavy corporal punishment and cbt/ball busting for something different. Tomorrow night it will be me on the receiving end of the cane.

27 September 2011

I had the opportunity this past week to catch up with a fav reg of mine from overseas. A lovely gentleman I have loads of fun with.

Monday half hour special

Due to the popularity of the above special, I have decided to make it a regular offer each week at least until the end of the year.

Interesting read

A friend put me onto this lady’s blog the other day. Love what she writes and her way of putting things. I have read a few of her posts so far.

October long weekend

I am available for bookings over the October long weekend 🙂 And because I am feeling generous this morning, I will offer all hourly Mistress sessions that weekend at a special rate from Saturday to Mo

19 September 2011

The past week afforded an opportunity to catch up with one of my regs over the past few years. And also the opportunity to have some fun with Mistress K again.

13 September 2011

Fun session with a horny slut yesterday, another Mistress joining us for the antics. We began with the slut naked, standing before us as I introduced him to Mistress K.

11 September 2011

Wow, long time between posts. Too long :/ I shall endeavour to write more regularly in future. The Monday Special has been popular, keeping me busy in the dungeon along with other sessions.

Monday Special – Extended

Due to demand/popularity, I am extending the special offer on  half hour Mistress sessions booked on Mondays for another month. Call to enquire.

Monday, 22 August

Been having lots of fun in the dungeon of late, unfortunately leaving no time to update my blog.